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Love Sculpt & Facial Lift Set

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Get your glowy face workout on with our Love Sculpt & Facial Lift Set perfect for those looking for a sculpted, glowy and healthy skin with deep kneading & lymphatic drainage! Made from Rose Quartz. 

The Love Sculpt & Facial Lift Set consists of:

  • 1 Face Workout Roller 
  • 1 Love Gua Sha
  • 1 Pink Mauve Microfibre drawstring Roller pouch
  • 1 Pink Mauve Microfibre flap Gua Sha pouch


Face Workout Roller: The Ultimate Facial Lift

✨ Deep kneading, skin tightening and lifting 

✨ Melts away facial tension with an overall facial muscle workout

✨ Promote V-Shape jawline, adds definition & enhances facial features

✨ Help skincare products absorb better 

Love Gua Sha: Love is in the Air!

💓 Healthier Skin with lymphatic drainage facial massage 

💓 Boost blood circulation, depuff, lift & sculpt 

💓 Designed with double the thickness of regular Gua Sha for a more comfortable and rejuvenating full body massage 

💓 Headache Relief 

💓 Meditation Stone

Tips & Tricks

1. Always start with cleansed skin, apply your favourite essences, facial oil, serums or moisturiser.

2. Make sure there's enough slip!Glide the massager outward and upward strokes with your Face Workout Roller along the contours of your face for 5-15 minutes daily. 

3. Incorporate your Love Gua Sha into your skincare routine 1-3 times a week for a good facial lymphatic drainage.

4. Use Love Gua Sha for any shoulder or back massages with some facial or body oil! 

5. Love Gua Sha doubles as a meditation stone! 

Recommended For

Suitable for all skin types. Not recommended to directly glide the tool over severe acne or any broken skin areas.

Please Note

Due to the nature of the stone, every piece is unique on its own. Colours & patterns may vary compared to the picture shown. Product colour may vary due to photographic lighting or your screen settings. Our Rose Quartz ranges from a shade of milky pale pink to a deep pink. 

Massaging your way to great skin!

Lymphatic drainage and deep kneading massage techniques helps firm and brightens your skin.


Deep Kneading + Lymphatic Drainage

Face Workout Roller replicates professional Deep Kneading massage techniques promoting skin elasticity and precision sculpting on your jaw.

Love Gua Sha is a romantic spin on the traditional Gua Sha which features a thicker grip, making it rejuvating for both facial and body massages.

Love Sculpt & Facial Lift Set