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Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set
Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set
Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set
Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set

Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set

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Elevate your skincare routine with a pampering session of facial massage targeting the eye and jaw area with our Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set! Made from 100% Rose Quartz. 

The Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set consists of:

  • Face Workout Roller 
  • Single Eye Shroom 
  • 2 Pink Mauve Microfibre drawstring pouch 

Face Workout Roller: Ultimate Facial Lift 

✨ Deep kneading, skin tightening and lifting 

✨ Melts away facial tension with an overall facial muscle workout

✨ Promote V-Shape jawline, adds definition & enhances facial features

✨ Help skincare products absorb better 

Eye Shroom: Soothing & Refreshing 

✨ Soothing and relaxing eye area

✨ Depuffing eye area

✨ Great for tired eyes who are always in front of the screen

✨ Great for massaging in eye creams


** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the stone, every piece is unique on its own. Colours & patterns may vary compared to the picture shown. Product colour may vary due to photographic lighting or your screen settings. Our Rose Quartz ranges from a shade of milky pale pink to a deep pink. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amethyst Roller

Looooove the roller!!! am looking at addition of other lovely tools to complete my collection!

Absolute Gem

Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend’s mum and she absolulety adored it. Definitely a good way to wind down at night - face sculpted and mind relaxed! She loved how the stone stayed cold throughout her whole facial massage as it helped to also de-puffs her face. And the eye shroom was such a loved piece by the fam - as it really did help to soothe and massage :) Can’t wait to get a set for myself !!

Zoe H.
Super luxurious

I'm amazed by the quality and effect it has on my facial features - just a few weeks of using this I can really see the slimming effect on my face! Thanks for this beautiful and effective tool