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Eye Shroom Massager

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Mushroom shaped eye massager to refresh, soothe & depuff tired eyes. Made from 100% Rose Quartz.

    Comes with a pink mauve microfibre GLASSKIN drawstring pouch to store your tool. Double Eye Shroom consists of two pouches. 


    ✨ Soothing and relaxing eye area

    ✨ Depuffing eye area

    ✨ Reduce eye bags 

    ✨ Great for tired eyes who are always in front of the screen

    ✨ Great for massaging in eye creams

    How to use

    1. After applying an eye cream or moisturiser, gently slide the tool on the under-eye area, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the temple.

    2. Repeat a few times and glide the tool above the eyelid in circular motion to enjoy a soothing and depuffing effect on tired eyes. 

    3. Use the soft edge of the Eye Shroom to gently massage between your brows. 

    When to Use

    We recommend using the Beauty Roller day or night, it can be used from everyday or even just days where you need an extra LIFT! For Gua Sha, we recommend to use it once or twice a week.

    Recommended For

    Suitable for all skin types. Not recommended to directly glide the tool over severe acne or any broken skin areas.

    Please Note

    Due to the nature of the stone, every piece is unique on its own. Colours & patterns may vary compared to the picture shown. Product colour may vary due to photographic lighting or your screen settings. Our Rose Quartz ranges from a shade of milky pale pink to a deep pink. 

    Mushroom-shape inspired Eye Massager

    Knock, knock. Your anti-aging best friend is here. Plus, I'm pink and cute.


    "So soothing, stress relieving & CUTE."

    "Very soothing for your eyes, especially when its strained from staring at the laptop all day. Makes my eye area looks refreshed and awake. Can be used on cheeks and jaw too for a quick light facial massage."
    - Cheryl Yew