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Amethyst Beauty Roller & Gua Sha Duo

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Our Amethyst Beauty Roller & Gua Sha Duo includes: 

  1. Amethyst Beauty Roller 
  2. Amethyst Gua Sha
  3. GLASSKIN Gift Box

The Amethyst Duo is a powerful combination that sculpts, glow & depuffs the skin through facial massage techniques. Made from 100% Amethyst crystal. 

    The ultimate combination of the Beauty Roller & Gua Sha works together to elevate skincare routine, pampering yourself with a facial experience at the comfort of your home. 


    Improves overall health & radiance of the skin.

    Reduces dark circles, under-eye bags

    Decrease puffiness and water retention 

    Calms inflammation & heals breakouts 

    Restore youthful glow 

    Contouring, sculpting & lifting 

    Helps lymphatic drainage 

    Improving skin elasticity Increasing collagen production 

    Relieves facial & jaw tension

    How to use

    Always use with moisturiser, facial oil, serum or sheet mask of your choice.

    Beauty Roller:

    Start at the neck to activate and push stagnant lymph away, then move to the center of your face and roll outwards. Use the smaller end of the beauty roller on eyes, upper lips and temples. Use the bigger end on cheeks, forehead, chin and jaw area, neck.

    Gua Sha:

    Start with the neck to activate and push stagnant lymp away. Move to your chin with the smaller divot and scrape from center of your chin to the end of your jaw. Use bigger end on your cheeks and forehead and wiggle at the end of each stroke.

    When to Use

    We recommend using the Beauty Roller day or night, it can be used from everyday or even just days where you need an extra LIFT! For Gua Sha, we recommend to use it once or twice a week.

    Recommended For

    Suitable for all skin types. Not recommended to directly glide the tool over severe acne or any broken skin areas.

    Please Note

    Due to the nature of the stone, every piece is unique on its own. Colours & patterns may vary compared to the picture shown. Product colour may vary due to photographic lighting or your screen settings. As these are made from natural stones, there may be curvatures and textures on the non-functional/flat surface of the Gua Sha.

    The Classic & Powerful Combo: Beauty Roller & Gua Sha

    Get brighter, bouncier & healthier skin with lymphatic drainage facial massage.


    "10/10 - holy grail"

    "Been using it for about 4 months and it's become an important element of my skincare routine - love using the Jade Roller in the morning to de-puff & the Gua Sha every night to really penetrate the skin. It's super therapeutic!"
    - Alyssa Johaan

    How to Use the Beauty Roller

    How to Use the Gua Sha