Gua Sha

THE GUA SHA: Where an ancient massage method turns into the future beauty ritual

Gua Sha is an important natural technique that is used in traditional Chinese medicine which helps relieve muscle & joint pain on the body. The gua sha can be used on the face to increase the health and vitality of skin as a way of restoring youthful glow, contouring, anti-aging & helps lymphatic drainage. Other benefits from using this tool is that it improves skin elasticity & increases collagen production. Suitable for ALL skin types.

What is gua sha? What does gua sha mean?

Gua Sha (Chinese: 刮痧) is a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) & in English it has been known as ‘coining’ or ‘scraping’.

 How to use a gua sha?

  1. Apply moisturiser or facial oil of your choice with lots of slip so that the tool is able to glide across your face smoothly.
  2. Sweep the gua sha on your neck gently to activate channels to drain lymph fluid.
  3. Place 2 fingers on your chin and glide the tool upwards, towards your earlobe to ur jawline & gently wiggle the tool at the end.
  4. Glide the tool underneath your cheekbone towards your hairline & wiggle the tool.
  5. Using the smaller parts of the gua sha, gently sweep from the corner of the eye towards the outer corner of the eye, then to the hairline.
  6. Place 2 fingers on the eyelid & glide upwards from brow to forehead & wiggle the tool on the hairline. Repeat step for middle of the forehead.
Gua sha is a great way to help relieve headaches & tight jaws. It leaves skin looking more supple & healthy looking. After performing the gua sha ritual on the face, you may experience a temporary red flush, which means it creates blood flow & helps new collagen production.