Glasskin Guidebook

The Beauty Roller

THE BEAUTY ROLLER: The ‘IT’ home beauty tool | Beauty Rollers help our skin absorb skincare products after applying them onto our face. From rolling motions, it helps smooth fine lines & brighten skin. When used cold, it reduces...[Read More]

Gua Sha

THE GUA SHA: Where an ancient massage method turns into the future beauty ritual | Gua Sha is an important natural technique that is used in traditional Chinese medicine which helps relieve muscle & joint pain on the body. The gua sha can be used on the face...[Read More]

Face Workout Roller

The Face Workout Roller is a deep-kneading, skin tightening & lifting and V-shape enhancing luxurious beauty tool designed with two massaging Rose Quartz 177 multi-angular clean cut facets that rotates 360 degrees....[Read More]

Eye Shroom

The Eye Shroom is a mushroom shaped eye massager that refreshes, soothes and depuff tired eyes plus it helps reduces eye bags. The soothing eye massager takes over the name of 'Mushroom' and 'Eye Massager'....[Read More]