Frequently Asked Questions


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Are your gemstones authentic/certified?

Yes, we're proud to say that our quartz gemstones are 100% authentic & handcrafted from stone slabs. Our products are also GDTC (Jewelry Quality), CE & ROHS certified.

We'd also love to note that our Opalite gemstone is an engineered gemstone where minerals from Opal are cased to shape in the Beauty Roller & Gua Sha form.

Due to the natural formation of the materials, no two pieces are the same! Each individual piece will be unique to you and colours may vary between pieces. 

Is there difference between Jade, Opalite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst?

We believe that all of them work the same in terms of facial benefit & we recommend to choose them according to your colour preference, or affinity to different stones or crystals.

We focus on educating you around the physical facial benefits of the tools.

When should I use Gua Sha vs. Beauty Roller?

We suggest Gua Sha for sculpting by lifting and contouring the skin, manual lymphatic drainage, relieving facial and jaw tension. We recommend using Gua Sha on your face once or twice a week to even up to seven days a week if you prefer. 

We suggest our Beauty Roller for 'depuffing', reducing any puffiness on the eye and cheek area. Whilst using a sheet mask, the beauty roller helps with better absorption and soothes the skin with the cooling properties of gemstones. Beauty rollers can be used everyday, whenever! 💫

How should I store my Beauty Roller & Gua Sha?

We encourage you to store your Beauty Roller and Gua Sha in our Glasskin box provided safely tucked away. Please make sure your tools are completely dry before storage. Our boxes are made to be reused & YAY.. It's also BPA free! 

We also recommend storing your tools in the fridge for added cooling effect.

For our Love and Butterfly Gua Sha, you may store them in the pouch provided. 

How should I clean my beauty tools?

After each use, you can wash your beauty roller or Gua Sha with warm water and gentle soap. You can then dry the tools with a soft cloth or leave it to dry with the mat provided in our Glasskin box.

For the LED Collagen Glow Pro, you may wipe it gently with a damp cloth, be sure not to wash it as the device is not waterproof! 

What is a Gua Sha? What is a Beauty Roller?

Check out our Glasskin Guidebook for more info!

Can Gua Sha make you break out?

Gua Sha works with epidermis and dermal layers underneath and working to give you healthier skin. It has the potential to help clear blackheads, whiteheads, and prevent hormonal breakouts. However, sometimes starting a Gua Sha practice can aggravate the skin and cause a breakout to cleanse toxins, as it purges before it gets better. 

Can I use Gua Sha on inflamed skin?

Gua Sha can be performed on all types of skin. Gua Sha can also be performed on acne-prone skin and rosacea skin. 

Few tips: 
1. Ensure your skin has enough slip. Using on dry skin will tug your skin and risk damaging your skin barrier.
2. Treat around problematic area and avoid broken skin, pustules and cystic acne bumps. 

Why does the colour of different Beauty Roller/Gua Shas varies? 

Colours of the stones vary from piece to piece as they are natural & they give out the same vibration & energies. Just like us, we are all unique & different! ✨

My product arrived and I'd like to return it, how can I get an exchange?

We are so sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Kindly note that we only accept exchanges for products that are broken upon arrival or if they have any dents that affect the functional sides of the beauty tools on the skin. For any other exchange reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges for our beauty tools due to hygiene purposes.

Please contact us here or at within 24 hours and we will assist you with the issue.