Face Workout Roller

The Face Workout Roller is a deep-kneading, skin tightening & lifting and V-shape enhancing luxurious beauty tool designed with two massaging Rose Quartz 177 multi-angular clean cut facets that rotates 360 degrees.

The design of these facets helps hugs every curve and contours your face & décolletage while melting away any facial tension. 

What are the benefits of the Face Workout Roller?

✨ Deep kneading, skin tightening and lifting 

✨ Melts away facial tension with an overall facial muscle workout

✨ Promote V-Shape jawline, adds definition & enhances facial features

✨ Help skincare products absorb better 

How To Use The Face Workout Roller?

  1. With cleansed skin, apply your favourite essences, serums or moisturiser. 
  2. Glide the massager outward and upward strokes with your Face Workout Roller along the contours of your face for 5-15 minutes daily. 
  3. Take a look in the mirror! Sculpted & lifted jawline in a matter of minutes! 


It also comes with a super cute and luxe pink mauve microfibre GLASSKIN drawstring pouch to store your tool. 

What is Deep Kneading?

Deep Kneading is a specific technique of facial massage that lifts & rolls tissues.

It helps to:

  • Jump-starts lymphatic drainage
  • Improve Circulation
  • Tightens, Contours & Brightens Complexion
  • Stimulates muscles, tones & reduce stress
  • Improves skin elasticity by stimulating cell regeneration

Who is the Face Workout Roller best for?

Anyone looking for an at-home facial massage that’s effective & gives you the glow!

Anyone who is targeting concerns on your jawline V-shape and want a more lifted, sculpted face.

How often should I use my Face Workout Roller?

We recommend to have a 5-15 face workout session daily for maximum results! If you love a quick glow up, two or three times a week is totally fine as well!

Can I use this with sheet masks?

You can totally use it after having a sheet mask on to help all that good essence absorb into your skin! Otherwise, it can be the last step of your nighttime routine!

Is there anything I should avoid using this?

Generally, we recommend to avoid deep kneading directly on any wounds, inflamed skin, sunburnt skin, itchy skin and any other areas where you’re experiencing any irritation.

Consult your dermatologist if you have any existing skin conditions & concerns!

Can I use this device during pregnancy?

For any medical concerns including pregnancy, we recommend consulting your doctor and we would caution against massaging techniques if you’re pregnant or recovering from childbirth.

What is it made of?

Our Face Workout Roller is made of 100% authentic, hand-selected Rose Quartz on the massager & on the handle, it’s made up of solid Zinc Alloy.