Eye Shroom

The Eye Shroom is a mushroom shaped eye massager that refreshes, soothes and depuff tired eyes plus it helps reduces eye bags. The soothing eye massager takes over the name of 'Mushroom' and 'Eye Massager'. It's made with 100% Rose Quartz which has a natural cooling element and it's also the crystal of Universal Love! This Eye Shroom is easy to use and quick to add into any skincare routine! 

What are the benefits of the Eye Shroom?

✨ Soothing and relaxing eye area

✨ Depuffing eye area

✨ Reduce eye bags 

✨ Great for tired eyes who are always in front of the screen

✨ Great for massaging in eye creams

How To Use The Eye Shroom?

  1. After applying an eye cream or moisturiser, gently slide the tool on the under-eye area, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the temple.
  2. Repeat a few times and glide the tool above the eyelid in circular motion to enjoy a soothing and depuffing effect on tired eyes. 
  3. Use the soft edge of the Eye Shroom to gently massage between your brows. 


It comes with a super cute and luxe pink mauve microfibre GLASSKIN drawstring pouch to store your tool.