Beauty Roller

THE BEAUTY ROLLER: The ‘IT’ home beauty tool

Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

Beauty Rollers help our skin absorb skincare products after applying them onto our face. From rolling motions, it helps smooth fine lines & brighten skin. When used cold, it reduces dark circles & under-eye bags, decreases puffiness, calms inflammation, heals breakouts & most importantly, it makes you feel ‘zen’ before you kickstart the day or right before bedtime.

How to use a beauty roller?

  1. Apply moisturiser, facial oil or serum of your choice with lots of slip so that the tool does not thug the skin & glides across properly.

  2. Using the bigger end of the roller & start at the neck & roll upwards.

  3. Roll from jawline to the ear on both sides of the face, using gentle pressure & continue from the inner cheek towards the hairline.

  4. Use the smaller end of the roller on delicate eye areas.

  5. Concentrate on areas that need more TLC.

 The beauty roller is the go-to tool when you’re feeling a little swollen on the face, & your eyes feel a little full, all you need to do is to get your beauty roller out from the fridge or get it dipped in a bowl of iced cold water before draining out the lymph fluid from your face to reduce the swelling.

How are our Beauty Rollers different?