New In: Face Workout Roller & Eye Shroom

New In: Face Workout Roller & Eye Shroom

We're ecstatic to share with you two new beauty tools joining our collection: The Face Workout Roller & Eye Shroom! These consciously and carefully curated tools have been tried and tested for a while now before we launch them at Glasskin. These two are elevated and modern Rose Quartz beauty tools that still focuses on the benefits of lymphatic drainage but targeting specific areas and have a different feeling and effectiveness on the face.

Face Workout Roller 

The Face Workout Roller is a deep-kneading, skin tightening & lifting and V-shape enhancing luxurious beauty tool designed with two massaging Rose Quartz 177 multi-angular clean cut facets that rotates 360 degrees.

The design of these facets helps hugs every curve and contours your face & décolletage while melting away any facial tension. 

What are the benefits of the Face Workout Roller?

✨ Deep kneading, skin tightening and lifting 

✨ Melts away facial tension with an overall facial muscle workout

✨ Promote V-Shape jawline, adds definition & enhances facial features

✨ Help skincare products absorb better 

How To Use The Face Workout Roller?

  1. With cleansed skin, apply your favourite essences, serums or moisturiser. 
  2. Glide the massager outward and upward strokes with your Face Workout Roller along the contours of your face for 5-10 minutes daily. 
  3. Take a look in the mirror! Sculpted & lifted jawline in a matter of minutes! 


It also comes with a super cute and luxe pink mauve microfibre GLASSKIN drawstring pouch to store your tool. 

Eye Shroom  

The Eye Shroom is a mushroom shaped eye massager that refreshes, soothes and depuff tired eyes plus it helps reduces eye bags. The soothing eye massager takes over the name of 'Mushroom' and 'Eye Massager'. It's made with 100% Rose Quartz which has a natural cooling element and it's also the crystal of Universal Love! This Eye Shroom is easy to use and quick to add into any skincare routine! 

What are the benefits of the Eye Shroom?

✨ Soothing and relaxing eye area

✨ Depuffing eye area

✨ Reduce eye bags 

✨ Great for tired eyes who are always in front of the screen

✨ Great for massaging in eye creams

How To Use The Eye Shroom?

  1. After applying an eye cream or moisturiser, gently slide the tool on the under-eye area, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the temple.
  2. Repeat a few times and glide the tool above the eyelid in circular motion to enjoy a soothing and depuffing effect on tired eyes. 
  3. Use the soft edge of the Eye Shroom to gently massage between your brows. 


It comes with a super cute and luxe pink mauve microfibre GLASSKIN drawstring pouch to store your tool. 

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