Which one to pick: the Love or Butterfly Gua Sha?

Which one to pick: the Love or Butterfly Gua Sha?

Back in February, we were so stoked to introduce two new addition to our beauty tools family: 'Love is in the Air' Love Gua Sha & 'You Give Me Butterflies' Butterfly Gua Sha! 

Many of you have asked us - which one should I get? The Love or Butterfly Gua Sha? Well, let's boil down to the details of which one could be right for you! 



  • Both Gua Shas are made in 100% Rose Quartz gemstone, carved from authentic stones. Our Gua Shas go through a 9-tier quality check and process cleaning, from picking the beautiful parts of the entire slab of gemstone to polishing, and only hand picking with strict standard checks.
  • They are both great for sculpting the facial area! Love Gua Sha's upper curve area fits nicely into your jaw, cheek, eye and brow areas. Butterfly Gua Sha's unique wing shape makes it easy to Gua Sha as well, as the wing area is designed to fit the curves of your facial shape.
  • Love Gua Sha is double the thickness of Butterfly Gua Sha. It is designed not only for your face but also convenient Gua Sha sessions for your shoulders and back. (Great for relieving any back ache!) 
  • The Butterfly Gua Sha has a unique wing shape which its' tip is designed for targeting any pressure points. If you are looking to relax your pressure points and to relief stress, this is the Gua Sha for you! 

Still unsure about which one to get? Slide us a direct message on Instagram or contact us for more help! 

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