Happy Earth Day! Few things YOU can do to make a difference!

Happy Earth Day! Few things YOU can do to make a difference!

Happy Earth Day, gems!

Our team here at Glasskin, we've implemented these lifestyle changes for a long time now. Here's a few things that we do and we're proud to share: 

We've built this habit of carrying grocery bags wherever we go. Just a little effort turns into a habit and viola! - Less one-use plastic bags are thrown out. Plus, it's pretty fashion nowadays. Especially the cute netted ones! 

Why go meatless? Replacing meat with plant based choices helps reduce carbon footprint, gives us more vege nutrients in our body and also, sometimes going meatless just taste yummier (well at least to us)! 

Did you know? Producing ONE quarter-pound beef burger uses 425 GALLONS of water - enough water to fill TEN bathtubs. Now, that's a lot of water. 

Reducing usage of virgin plastic & materials when possible always come first. When ordering takeaway, we opt for no plastic cutlery and also bring your own glass container when possible! That way - the food stays warm and yummy and you're saving extra packaging from getting thrown out. 

Here's just a few habits that has been part of our lifestyle, what about you? Share with us your sustainability habits!  

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